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Userware API

Userware API lets you embed a custom-tailored development environment into your software application, so that your customers can instantly customize your application and collaboratively enhance it from any computer where the application is installed.

Who is concerned?

Independent Software Vendors and other software companies, including companies that make and sell enterprise solutions.

What problems does this solution solve?

For the customers of your application, customizing and enhancing the application is troublesome:

  • they need to install a development environment with all the prerequisites and all the required libraries on each development machine,
  • they need to deploy the custom developments throughout the company.

A standard scripting solutions is not enough to solve these problems because:

  • it is usually based on an interpreted language that lacks the performance and the flexibility of modern languages such as .NET or Silverlight.
  • it provides no simple way for the customer to share the developments throughout the company

What does this solution do?

Non-technical description:

This solution allows software developers to add unprecedented extensibility to their applications.

Unlike other extensibility frameworks, it allows the end-users of an application to customize and enhance it directly from within the application itself, to test the changes without restarting the application, and to deploy the enhancements to all other users in realtime.

Technical description:

This solution lets you embed into your application a development environment similar to VBA but based on .NET (or Silverlight). Furthermore, it comes with a server that synchronizes all the developments throughout the company, so that when someone extends your application, the other users (if authorized) can immediately take advantage of the extension.